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    Triplet Nursery gets a Makeover

    Hey everyone! Hope your summer is going awesome! Just wanted to post real quick on something fun that I finally got accomplished last week. The triplet nursery got a makeover! Yay! I had originally gotten their nursery all ready for them when I was pregnant. Though it wasn’t without some trepidation and anxiety, as we didn’t know if we would actually bring all three babies home. I remember telling my husband as he was putting the cribs together that we should keep the receipts and the boxes in case we had to return any. He looked at me and told me that we would be throwing it all away because…

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    Your No Fear Guide to Camping with Twins or Triplets

    As most of you know, we’ve been on the adventure of our lives for some time now. (If you don’t know, you can read about how our triplet journey started here, the birth story here, and all about how the triplets are doing now at one year old here.) It seems like each new day brings a new adventure just through everyday life. Yet, we just embarked on something we have never before attempted: vacation with 5 kids under 5! The triplets just turned 1 year old and this past weekend we took a road trip to go camping in beautiful Traverse City, MI. Yes, you heard that right, camping. Camping with 1…

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    Triplets Turn One

    It’s official, the triplets are one! We made it through the first year with triplets | 5 kids under 5! They survived and so did we, hallelujah! Actually, they turned one back in May, but we had so much going on at the time, plus celebrating my daughter Izzy turning three (her bday is only 11 days before theirs), that we decided to wait a month to have the big party. *This post contains affiliate links which help support these sweet babies and our other children while I am a SAHM. If you see something you like, please click and purchase through my link or ad. 🙂 See my disclosure for more…

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    Our Triplets: The Birth Story

    The journey that God has taken us on since the birth of our triplets has truly given us a run for our money! So many hills and valleys; so many answered prayers. Looking back, I felt so anxious as the c-section date approached. Though I searched, I was unable to find many articles on what to expect from a c-section for multiples. And, let me tell you, a c-section with multiples…at least higher order multiples, will probably look a bit different than your traditional cesarean. For that reason I wanted to share how the birth of our triplets went, for any soon-to-be moms of multiples out there wanting to know what…

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