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Sanity-Saving Baby Gear

So, you are expecting multiples…now what? One of the biggest keys to making your new life work is having the right baby gear to get the job done. Having multiples is expensive, but sometimes it is worth it to just ‘bite the bullet’ if it means that things will run smoothly. Most of the items we did not get originally to try and save money we still ended up getting later on anyway. Why? To save my sanity!

When I was pregnant with my triplets I could not find much advice on what baby gear I needed vs. what I didn’t. I was forced to do all the research on my own. We are part of an amazing & rare group ladies! Thus, I knew if I was going to start a blog, this would be one of the first things I would post about!

I’ve created a list, or inventory if you will, of what I consider to be ‘must-have’ baby gear for multiples. The items on this list are here because a) I personally used and loved them, b) I regretted not getting them, or c) they have good reviews from other moms of multiples of a different number than what I have (which is triplets).

Without further delay, let’s get to what you want to know. What do I need to survive the first year with multiples?

*This post contains affiliate links which help support our kids while I’m a SAHM, and keep the blog running at no extra cost to you. If you see an item you like, please purchase through my link. 🙂 See my disclosure for more info.*


Strollers: one of the biggest baby gear purchases, so it is important to get it right. I personally used this stroller from Peg Perego for my triplets. It is an investment and something we did not get right away originally. It was not long before I regretted that decision and we ended up purchasing one. Don’t make my mistake!

(You may also be able to find a chassis used from a moms of multiples group but please do not use used car seats!

Peg Perego Triplette Stroller

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller with Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seats and Diaper Bag – Atmosphere

There is also a version with regular seats instead of car seats.

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller with Pop-Up Seats and Diaper Bag – Atmosphere

What I recommend doing is to purchase the version with the car seats for the first year and then purchasing the regular pop-up seats separately for the second year. It is just way more convenient when they are so little to just click them in and out of the stroller and car without having to remove them from the car seat!

Here is the link to purchase the pop-up seats separately.

Peg Perego Pop-Up Seat for Team, Duette and Triplette Strollers, Atmosphere

I should also mention that you can buy the chassis separately and then mix and match the seating. For example, say you already had one kid and now you are expecting twins…no problem! Just purchase the Triplette chassis, one pop-up seat and two Peg Perego car seats. There are many ways to mix and match and all the seats can attach and detach in one suuuuppppeerr easy step! The only down side to the Peg Perego strollers is that they are only compatible with Peg Perego car seats…though I have seen some adapters out there you could try to search for.

Here is the Triplette chassis link.

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Chassis

If you are having twins, you have a pretty big selection of strollers, as most typical double strollers can accommodate two car seats. If you like the look, lightweight portability, and safety that the Peg Perego car seats and stroller provide then they do also have a double stroller you could purchase. The awesome thing is they actually have a package deal where you can purchase the stroller, with both the car seats for the first year and the pop-up seats as well.

Peg Perego Duette Stroller

Peg Perego – Duette Piroet Atmosphere Double Car Seat Travel System with Diaper Bag

If you are expecting quads, you could purchase the Triplette stroller and a single stroller or two Duette strollers. Are quints on your horizon? Combine the Triplette and the Duette for the first year.

Since we had five kids under five, our church also donated a quad stroller. This was awesome because it made it easier to go for walks as a family. The triplets and my 3 year old daughter could ride in it while my 4 year old son rode his bike. However, you cannot put infants under 6 months in this type of stroller, and that is due to size. So if you had preemies, then you would have to wait longer than 6 months. I would recommend this more as you approach your second year with multiples but I will include it here.

Quad Stroller

Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop Folding Commercial Bye-Bye Stroller (4-Passenger)


Six-Seater Stroller

(perfect for quints or quads plus additional kids)

Foundations LX6 6-Passenger Stroller

Car Seats

One of the second biggest baby gear purchases are car seats. These are the two car seats I have used with my five kids. The Graco is more budget friendly, but the Peg Perego can click into the Triplette stroller and it seemed to be safer and more “preemie-friendly”. (If you are having higher order multiples, your babies will most likely spend time in the NICU and may come home before they are full term.) However if you are having twins or quads you could purchase one (or two) of the Graco Click Connect double strollers that the Graco car seat is compatible with.

Graco Snugride Click Connect 35

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat, Gotham, One Size


Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat with base, Atmosphere



If you are having twins, you can probably successfully breastfeed the whole first year if that is what you want to do. If you are having higher order multiples, then chances are you will need to switch to formula, or supplement with formula at some point during the first year. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro saved our butts!! Seriously such a life saver and my favorite baby gear item to recommend to other moms of multiples. We would always joke and call it our “baby Keurig“, but really that is basically how it works. It creates the perfect bottle in about 15 seconds! If you are expecting higher order multiples then go ahead and just create your Amazon baby registry right now and this can be the first thing you put on it!

If you are expecting quads or quints then you may want to purchase two; there is quite a bit of wear and tear with how many bottles you will be making. Also, if you have two, you can be making two bottles at once which is awesome, or if one of your babies needs special formula for awhile, then you can have different formulas in each.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza Formula Pro


For the time your babies are in the NICU, you will need to pump. I recommend the Medela brand pumps as that is the same brand that was used by my hospital. I like this one because it is a backpack and you’ll need to take it everywhere. It also comes with a cooler pack which you will need for transporting your milk from home to the NICU. And since you are having multiples you will want more than one cooler! I used two to transport milk for my triplets.

Medela Breast Pump

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

Extra Cooler Pack

Medela Breast Milk Cooler Set


We used Medela bottles because they easily attach to the breast pump. Also, the NICU used Medela nipples to feed the triplets so we didn’t want any nipple confusion when we got home. The last thing you want if for your tiny little preemie to not eat…every once matters in the beginning!

We went through 18 bottles a day in the beginning (for triplets every 4 hours) and depending on if your babies are eating every 3 hours or every 4 you may go through more. I stockpiled 24 of the 5oz bottles and 15 of the 8oz bottles and that seemed to be perfect if you don’t want to spend time washing bottles all day.

Medela Bottles 5oz & 8oz

Medela Breast Milk Collection Storage Feeding Bottle w/ Lid 5 Oz/ 150 Ml X4

Medela Breastmilk Collection Storage Feeding Bottle with Lids-8 Pack (8 Bottles and 8 Lids)w/lid 8oz /250ml

Medela 3 Piece Wide Base Slow Flow Nipple, 0-4 Months


These steamer bags were a lifesaver in the beginning! They save so much time. When you first bring your preemies home you will probably still need to sterilize all the bottles and breast pump parts. These bags just pop in the microwave for a minute and poof…you’re done!

Medela Steam Sterilize Bags

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, 2 Packs of 5 bags


I used these wipes to clean my breast pump accessories until I could get home and properly clean and sterilize them. Great for in the NICU or if you have to pump away from home. Definitely add some of these to your cart or registry.

Medela Quick Clean Wipes

Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes, 24 Count


Bobby Pillows & Loungers

Who doesn’t love Bobby pillows? They have multiple uses and are all around awesome. We used Boppy pillows to prop our triplets up on while feeding them. It worked well as they got older, but not when they were really little. I recommend being smarter than me and purchasing the Boppy loungers for the beginning and the pillows for as they grow.

Boppy Newborn Hello Baby Lounger, Black and Gold

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner, Peaceful Jungle


4Moms Highchair

I love my high chairs! They are amazingly easy to clean which is imperative when you have multiples because you are already low on time. They are less bulky than other high chairs, with clean lines that fit any home decor style…if you care about that. Lastly, the tray can be removed with one hand and is magnetic. The company sells dishware to go with it that is also magnetic.

4moms High Chair, White/Grey


Surviving the “Witching Hour”

Most of the time babies will go through a period of sleep regression where they experience a “witching hour”, so to speak, around sundown or before bedtime. We purchased three of the Rock n Plays for our triplets which helped them to calm down and stop screaming. I have also heard great things about the 4Moms Mamaroo, though we did not have one.

Rock n Play

Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Windmill



4moms mamaRoo 4 infant seat – grey classic


As They Grow

As your babies grow and become more mobile it will become important to have a way to contain them, both for your sanity and their safety. These are the gates and play yards we use.

The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate – Wall-to-Banister- Retractable Fabric Safety Gate Wide and Regular Sizes – Made in the USA – Black

The Stair Barrier is awesome because it actually rolls up to the side when not in use, and it won’t damage your banister! They also have banister-to-banister versions.

North States Superyard Colorplay 6-Panel Play Yard, Portable Indoor-Outdoor, Multi-Colored

We actually don’t use this as a play yard. Instead, because the North States super yard is detachable, we just stretch it out as a large baby gate. It is perfect for those large, awkward spaces in the house if you don’t want to have to drill more holes in your walls.

Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Full Coverage Canopy

This pop up play yard and canopy are perfect for going to my sons soccer games, the beach and we even use it for when the triplets are in the nursery at church! It is light weight, portable and can be set up in only a minute!



Orbit Bottle Labels

When you have more than one baby, you need a way to keep track of whose bottle is whose. Enter these amazing, dishwasher safe (can I get an hallelujah!?) bottle bands from Inch Bug. We chose a different color for each triplet, which became their “triplet color”, as well as putting their name on it.

Orbit Labels®

Sound Machine

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine, White

Giant Trash Bin

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor Control System, Big Lid Opening Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Bin

We did not bother getting a regular diaper pail, we knew we’d have way too many diapers each day. Buying a regular 12-13 gallon trash can will eliminate the need to empty it more than once a day and you can use regular trash bags.


This is not a complete list of everything you need to prepare for a baby or babies, but simply a compilation of the baby gear that I feel are must haves to make your life with multiples just a little easier. I hope this helps! Happy shopping!

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