How To Get Multiples On A Schedule

When I found out that I was pregnant with triplets, one of my first thoughts was “How do I get my multiples on a schedule?”

This is a very important question.

Schedules are the key to maintaining sanity for just one baby, and even more so when you have multiples! You need those babies on the same schedule. This means that if one wakes up hungry before the next feeding, you give them a pacifier and make them wait. It may sound harsh but if you do not do this you will not get any rest. If you want to be the best mama you can be for these babies then you will need breaks to rest.

Below I’ve included the schedules we used for our triplets throughout the first year.

Preemie Schedule

Chances are if you are having multiples, especially higher order multiples, your babies will spend some time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Our triplets were born at 32 weeks gestation and spent 4 weeks in the NICU. They were 36 weeks old when we brought them home, and so mostly just needed to eat and sleep that first month.

Per some good advice, we kept them on the same schedule they had been on in the NICU. My best friend Shayna gave me a schedule book designed for triplets that we used in the beginning. It was very helpful for keeping track of feedings, reflux issues, circumcision care, medications, and diaper changes!

Stock photo of the schedule book ‘Triple Time’ for triplets

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The book is called ‘Triple Time’ and you can purchase it on Amazon here: Triple Time – Triplets Daily Schedule Book

They also have one for twins called ‘Double Time’ and you can purchase it on Amazon here: Double Time: A Helpful Book of Schedule Keeping for Twins

If you have quads you could get two of the ‘Double Time’, and if quints then you could combine ‘Triple Time’ with ‘Double Time’, and so on.

We fed and changed them every 4 hours the first several months. As preemies they ate slowly, usually would have significant regurge from their reflux and it would take awhile to get a burp out of each of them. So, each feeding would take about 1.5-2 hours. Bath time would be 2-3 times a week, usually after the 4pm feeding.

Here is the schedule we used:


Dad feeding preemie triplets their bottles at the same time
How we fed all 3 at the same time when they were little.


Baby Schedule (1-3months)

Around the time our triplets were one month old (corrected age), we adjusted the schedule again. They showed signs that they were ready for more awake interaction. So, we incorporated some playtime into the schedule by using the E.A.S.Y. Baby Routine that I had used with my second child.




Y-you time (thought honestly with two other young children there was no “you time” for me)

The schedule was the same, with feedings every four hours, we just added a 15-30min activity time before putting them back down for a nap.

Here is the schedule we used:


*Be prepared for the “witching hour” to start during this time. The triplets would cry from 7-9pm every night. We invested in some automatic rock n’ plays that seemed to soothe them during this period. (You can check them out here on my baby gear page)

Baby Schedule (4-6months)

We were able to start introducing the triplets to babyfood when they were around 4months old. We gradually worked up to eating that 3 times a day.

Here is the schedule we used:


Tons of baby bottles drying on boon grass
We went through 18 bottles a day in the beginning.

Baby Schedule (6-9months)

We transitioned the triplets to sleep through the night when they were between 6-7 months old and it was glorious! As they got older, were awake longer and started to be more mobile, it became clear that we needed a schedule for the whole family. This enabled me to make sure I was spending enough time with all 5 of my kiddos, since they were all under 5 years old and still needed me. I’ve highlighted the sections that involve the triplets in case you don’t have older kids.

Here is the schedule we used

6-9 month triplet schedule


Baby Schedule (9-12+months)

When the triplets were 9 months old they showed signs of being ready to switch to one long nap a day. It took a few weeks to make the transition, but once they did it was nice to have a longer chunk of time to spend with our older kids and get things done. They also transitioned to milk between 12-13months old. (This is the same schedule that we are currently using as of June 2018).

Here is the schedule we used:

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