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Do you have, or are currently expecting triplets or other multiples? Are you a fellow mama seeking tips, tricks and encouragement? Me too!

I’m Jenny, and I am a Jesus-loving mama of 5 precious kiddos, (all currently under the age of 5). I never, never, ever could have dreamed that I would have 5 children in less than 5 years by having spontaneous triplets! It is an immense calling and blessing; something I wouldn’t change for the world, but it was very overwhelming in the beginning. Right after finding out about the triplets I remember thinking, “How do you take care of three babies at once?!” So, like any good mom, I researched.

Mama who is 32 weeks pregnant with triplets
Approaching 32 weeks pregnant with the triplets in the hospital.

Most of the places that I found advice, suggestions and help was…you guessed it, blogs! That, coupled with the fact that we frequently get asked how we do it with triplets and 5 kids under 5 is why I decided to start a blog of my own.

Follow us on our crazy beautiful journey as I share our adventures past and present, encouragement, and tips we learned along the way. If this is your first time visiting the blog, be sure to check out my first blog post, the schedules page, and my recommendations of must-have items for multiples.

One month old triplets
Our triplets at one month old.

My hope is that you can come here and find encouragement, tips, and a taste of God’s grace; leaving confident that you can do this mama thing, whether you have multiples or not.

(And if you have or are expecting multiples of any number, just remember, sometimes the most unexpected things are the biggest blessings! It won’t be easy but it is so rewarding.)

God Bless,



*Featured image photo credit: Shannon’s Photography LLC.

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